Online Fly Fishing Course

This course includes:
  • Mobile-friendly viewing
  • Classroom discussions and preparation before going out on the river
  • Tangible tips and skills that will help you catch fish
  • Equipment Overview and Explanation
  • Become a master at learning what fish want to eat
  • Learn about the insects of the river
  • How to Read the River
  • Learn how to set the hook like a pro
  • Learn the Art of Nymphing
  • Make sure you have the most effective rigging there is
  • Netting and Landing
  • Tie knots that would make a boy scout jealous
  • Tie everything together by learning how to cast properly
  • Alternative Casts
  • And Much More!…


Get special offers and tips that will help you catch the biggest fish in the river!

You'll also get free downloads and videos you can use one the river.